PAUSE Highlights: Why Bags are Back for Summer

Come summer time, a wide selection of accessories are a must-have each and every year, with everything from your sunglasses and wallet to your phone and keys needing to be on you at all times. Welcome, the summer bag. Providing a perfect balance of style, matchability, and convenience, the summer bag comes in all shapes and sizes and gives you the adaptability that a summer fit demands. This summer 2022, a host of household names are getting in on the action as everyone from Jacquemus, Bottega Veneta, and Balenciaga make their statements, with under-the-radar creatives like ERL and Eastpak also making their name known.

While each summer season sees brands expand their accessories range, bags are very much the must-have this year as luxury brands fight it out to make their piece the summer essential that every fashion-lover needs. See more at Pause.