Peacebird reinterprets campus fashion in nyfw: men’s debut

by Stephen Garner

peacebirdChinese fashion group PEACEBIRD made its New York Fashion Week debut at a special runway show at Skylight Modern on Wednesday, February 7. The brand showed its collection during the newly-established TMall China Day, which celebrates a cross-section of forward-thinking Chinese designers relevant to the global market.

In its first appearance in the international market, PEACEBIRD combined Chinese campus style from the eighties and nineties with contemporary street fashion to define a new way of dressing.

peacebirdThis mixed-gender catwalk show named “New Studentism” well presented the tendency of vintage aesthetics among new young generation, and also showed lots of unexpected interesting details.

Interestingly, PEACEBIRD presented a collection created with an iconic American brand, Coca-Cola, in the show. The interaction between Chinese pop and this American brand aims to strengthen the fearless and brave attitude of young people that the brand wants to present.