by Stephen Garner

Ahead of Pride month in June, Peloton is celebrating this year with a dedicated apparel collection that represents the power of the vibrant LGBTQIA+ community. Launched on May 28th, the collection will benefit the Ali Forney Center (AFC), a nonprofit organization that provides resources for homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

Peloton will make an upfront donation of $100,000 to the organization, as well as 20 percent of the collection’s sales, up to an additional $25,000 from the proceeds. As we continue to face the coronavirus pandemic, donations to AFC are more vital than ever as the organization cannot close its doors to teen residents, particularly as rates of homelessness and domestic violence increase. Throughout the past year, Peloton has partnered with AFC through employee volunteering and apparel donations.

And, although this year’s Pride celebrations may be slightly more subdued than years past, the 20-piece collection is decidedly not. The athletic brand has unleashed its most extensive assortment, ranging from apparel such as leggings, compression shorts, and tank tops to accessories such as water bottles, earrings, and hats. The inspiration behind the collection is centered around a prism shape, a geometric makeup of equal sides. Additionally, threaded rainbow colors are front and center, honoring the Pride flag.

“Peloton is built on a supportive and uplifting community that celebrates members of all backgrounds, and we are proud to launch our 2020 Pride collection,” said Jill Foley, vice president of apparel and boutique at Peloton. “The collection reflects the joy of embracing every person’s expression and identity, and how that joy makes our lives so much brighter. We are always stronger together, especially as a community equally celebrating diversity and inclusivity. We are thrilled to continue supporting The Ali Forney Center and the vital cause of supporting homeless LGBTQ youth. A significant part of AFC is creating a community and support network for LGBTQ teens – which, at Peloton, we know has a truly transformative power.”

“As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, the isolation, and pause in our lives, we are grateful to Peloton for their care and concern for our homeless LGBTQ youth,” added Alexander Roque, president and executive director of the Ali Forney Center. “In a time when so much is uncertain and our ability to build community is strained, Peloton and our partners have demonstrated that there is always a capacity to care, to connect and to support those who need it the most.”

The Peloton Pride Collection is now available on