by Stephen Garner

Perry Ellis has unveiled its “Shop of the Future,” an immersive, technology-driven retail concept located within the new men’s department at Macy’s Herald Square. The brand-driven shopping destination utilizes digital technology and tools, designed to captivate shoppers by telling the Perry Ellis brand story in a modern, tech-savvy manner.

To bring this new concept to life, Perry Ellis partnered with New York-based design agency The Science Project to co-develop the digital and physical store concepts which feature reactive retail technology. Interactive, floating mirrors with embedded proximity sensors deliver responsive, branded content to create a personalized experience for each shopper; while curved walls provide a modern storytelling platform through the use of custom LED hardware.

Divided into three sections, the space gives shoppers an opportunity to discover the brand, experience a personal moment and engage with the digital and physical structures through witty dialogue. The shop is also designed to invite customers into the space through fluid, non-angular shapes which draw guests into the shop. The private space also provides customers with phone charging stations so they may stay in the space and connect further with the brand.

“When we were considering this new space, we wanted to create something that would draw in new customers and would continue to resonate with our core shopper.” said Oscar Feldenkreis, president and chief operating officer of Perry Ellis. “Adding a tech component to the shopping experience was a natural way to accomplish that goal. Proximity sensors enable the space to feel futuristic but still very user-friendly, and the digital platform allows us to communicate with customers in a more contemporary voice.”