by John Russel Jones

H&M has announced that Pete Davidson is the face of its brand-new menswear campaign. The campaign captures the fresh energy in men’s fashion, incorporating freedom of expression and self-confidence in personal style.

“Collaborating on this campaign was a great experience. We had a lot of fun creating the photos and content. The clothes are comfortable and feel great to wear which is what I love about H&M,” says Pete Davidson.

The stand-up comic, actor, and writer has made a name for himself as an icon of “scumbro” style, or, as the New York Post recently called it, “delicore,” celebrating off-kilter, colorful looks that may look as at home on a comedy club stage as a red carpet as the bottom of a laundry pile. He’s been on the cast of Saturday Night Live since he was 20 years old, and co-wrote, executive produced and starred in the film King of Staten Island

“We are thrilled that Pete Davidson is the face of our new menswear campaign. Pete encapsulates everything H&M loves about the new menswear mood, with his self-confidence and play with personal style. He is so relatable, inspiring guys around the world to create the moment with their look themselves,” says Henrik Nordvall, Global Business Unit Director for Menswear at H&M.

H&M’s new campaign celebrates the new movement in menswear that pushes personal style to center stage, showing the power of clothes for self-expression, no matter the occasion. The campaign features H&M pieces from this season mixed with favorites from past menswear collections, reflecting the new mood in fashion inspired by evolution. It encourages men around the world to enjoy what they already own or to buy vintage while adding new pieces that matter. It’s a holistic approach that moves beyond complete seasonal changes to a new way of fashion for all of us.