by Stephen Garner

New York-based Asian-American designer Phillip Lim is getting back into menswear. Lim relaunched his men’s collection this week as a new wardrobe kit concept under his 3.1 Phillip Lim brand.

This is not Lim’s first foray into men’s, in fact, throughout the 16 years he’s been in business, Lim has released several men’s collections. But this time, he is introducing a brand-new concept – curated “kits” for the modern man.

The kits are a departure from the traditional large seasonal collections that are released on the fashion calendar. These new curated kits are described as very small edits dropping all at once at the start of the actual wearable season. The inaugural kit is now live for the summer season. Kit 2 will debut for fall later this year.

The first kit is all about summer in New York City. It is very much a homage to NYC from Lim as he never left the city once during the pandemic, he weathered the storm and focused his energy on standing up for his community. So, this debut kit is very much a celebration of NYC coming back to life.

“This collection is about reflecting on what is essential in a man’s closet, a reboot, and rebuilding of the perfect pieces that he needs to create his perfect wardrobe,” said Lim. “The kits are meant to be styled within each other; one pair of pants can be taken from day to night with the quick change of a shirt.  When we were redesigning men’s, we wanted to go off instinct; what pieces felt essential to his wardrobe.”

“When looking in my own closet, I thought about what pieces I reach for most, what items are the foundation of a strong wardrobe,” he added. “These pieces aren’t based on trends or specific to a certain moment in time. They are the right fit that I feel good in, I can rely on and to wear throughout the day no matter where it takes me.”