by Stephen Garner

Trade show organizer Pitti Immagine is “working hard” to keep its June edition dates, despite the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

In a statement released this week, the company said, “We are fully aware that this upcoming fair season will not be like all the others, it will be an exceptional season, combating the fear and the emergency. Not in order to remove them but rather with the aim of facing them and realistically laying down the foundations for a relaunch that is as rapid as possible. For this reason, we have decided to invest.”

Pitti organizers say they are working on new digital services that will “complement” what the show will do in its physical space. The physical fair will be flanked by the new and advanced version of the e-PITTI Connect digital platform that will launch in June. It will allow for greater functionality, more content, and more remote interaction modes.

So, as for now, Pitti Uomo is slated to take place June 16th through June 19th in Florence, Italy. MR will continue to update you on any further news relating to the show.


  1. Pitti the leader of the pack of Menswear Shows.
    Let’s hope for all well being through out our Global Market Place.

  2. Are they NUTS? Any brands out there or buyers who would go to this? I can’t imagine it will work. It also seems like a dangerous ask for employees who would be on the front lines of any trouble.

  3. I honestly don’t see Pitti happening so far. It’s a high risk situation for the attendees, even in the case the virus problem is “solved” by those dates. Let’s also consider that their biggest markets/buyers are from Asia plus the fact they presented a minus 10% visitors in the January 2020 Edition. Take your guess…

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