Where Were The Plus-Size Guys At New York Fashion Week: Men’s?

by MR Magazine Staff

There is an expectation at this point that at several high-profile shows at New York Fashion Week, there will be models whose bodies break the norm. Michael Kors, Anna Sui, Christian Siriano and others have cast a bevy of curve and plus-size female models and therefore set a precedent. But at New York Fashion Week: Men’s — which ends Thursday, the same day NYFW begins — that precedent apparently doesn’t stand. At this NYFW: Men’s, by our count, there was just a small handful of plus-size male models — we say by our count, because unlike NYFW, there is no official diversity report tracking stats on things like number of plus-size models, number of models of color and transgender and nonbinary models. At Asos’ debut U.S. presentation during NYFW: Men’s on Monday, singer/songwriter Trey Campbell was on hand to, in his words, “represent the big boys.” Read more at Mic.