Pop-Up Stores Thrive In A World Of Failing Retailers

by MR Magazine Staff

Entrepreneurs are helping revitalize pop-up stores, a decades-old retail concept. More party than hard sell, this new breed of pop-ups is becoming increasingly innovative and fun — far more than the seasonal pop-ups that once prevailed. And they are also increasingly profitable, experts say, since consumers crave these new experiences.

Using pop-ups does, of course, still help entrepreneurs stay nimble and lean. They do not need to sign long leases, stash away much cash or carry big credit lines. For their part, consumers can meet the designers and touch and feel their works, which cannot be done online. In the process, brands can be built more quickly, sales can be increased and new products can be tested.

“Pop-up stores are a tremendous format,” said Burt Flickinger III, managing director at the Strategic Resource Group. “They are exponential ways to build a brand.” Read more at The New York Times.