Popeye Stars In Iceberg’s Latest Menswear Collection

The new Iceberg men’s collection aims to capture the rugged and intrepid lifestyle of explorers and survivalists, and features Popeye-inspired, nautical themed designs throughout the line. The spinach-eating sailor and clean ocean advocate’s strong values embody the spirit of the collection and are an integral part of the garments’ concepts.

“Popeye, Olive Oyl and Iceberg have a long tradition of collaboration and a strong fellowship which started more than 30 years ago,” says Grazia Bussandri of Premium Licensing, Popeye’s Italian agent who brokered the deal with ICEBERG. “Their garments have always been fresh, innovative and inspiring, but the AW22 designs have extra oomph. The graphics have been carefully constructed, interweaving the collection’s theme with Popeye’s brand philosophy. And the message is a powerful one: strength, resilience, confidence and freedom to be yourself are so integral to Popeye’s identity.” Read more at Licensing Biz.