The Most Popular Men’s Pants Right Now Cost $40

by MR Magazine Staff

The black snow was piled high outside Five Leaves, the trendy restaurant that sits at the Williamsburg-Greenpoint border in Brooklyn, as a young, well-appointed brunch crowd sat in their sunglasses and oversized coats at outside tables, despite the 40-degree temperature. The hour-and-a-half wait didn’t deter the crowd from gathering on a crisp March morning, in puffer jackets, Vans Old Skools, and cropped pants, heads in their phones and eager to shell out $12 for avocado toast. It’s here that I first noticed it: Nearly all the scruffy servers were wearing Dickies. I chalked it up to being a uniform requirement or a necessity of the job, but that didn’t explain the other half of the oddball style equation — many of the diners were also wearing the brand, too. It was hardly an isolated incident. Further up the street, on Bedford Avenue, the traditional work pant was spotted again and again, hanging loosely from the hips of skaters whizzing by and on the waists of bearded dads carrying Whole Foods bags. Scruffy hipsters, urban lumberjacks, 2.0 workwear adherents, trend-chasing Vetements wannabes, and even post-normcore minimalists were all wearing the unassuming pants. What gives? Read more at New York Magazine.