Prabal Gurung Debuts Menswear For Spring 2019

by MR Magazine Staff

For those keeping track at home, it certainly seems like womenswear’s hottest trend is menswear. Prabal Gurung is the latest American designer to make the leap into designing for men (or just those who like menswear); he posted a note to his Instagram ahead of his Sunday evening show sharing that he was inspired to finally do so after reading a poem from Cleo Wade. The men’s looks walked the runway alongside Gurung’s womenswear line, as well as looks from Atelier Gurung (his newer couture pieces) and Tasaki jewels, the fine jewelry line for which he serves as creative director. Once again, Gurung was inspired by his childhood in Nepal, this time working with artisans in the region to create embroidery and other hand-crafted touches. The colors were neon-bright and layered with texture, mixing windbreakers and sporty materials with cargo pants sprinkled with feathers. On the menswear front, there’s still work to be done in the tailoring department, but the concepts — like a traditional blazer, half in black, half in print with a belt tie — are definitely interesting, and the knits are almost guaranteed to be popular amongst Gurung fans of all sexes. Read more at Fashionista.