Prada Signed An Expansive Settlement With New York City For Producing Culturally Insensitive Marketing. Here’s Why It Matters

Luxury fashion brand Prada recently signed a settlement with the New York City Commission on Human Rights (NYCCHR) that will reportedly cost them millions to implement. The NYCCHR is an enforcement agency of New York City Government, whose role is to oversee human rights laws and foster compliance with them. Last year, this commission banned hair discrimination in New York City, with violations subject to up to a $250,000 fine. This settlement comes a little over a year after Prada pulled its Pradamalia fantasy trinkets after public outcry that they resembled blackface, imagery that is highly culturally insensitive and inappropriate. Like many brands that have found themselves in this position over recent years, the company apologized, citing their commitment to diversity, along with a promise to learn and do better. But this settlement with the NYCCHR sparks the beginning of a new kind of commitment, where brands will be held accountable for such cultural missteps, and in essence, forced to take sweeping measures to ensure they do better in the future. Read more at Inc.