Liberty Fairs
by Stephen Garner

Liberty FairsLiberty Fairs Fashion Group has announced that Berlin-based trade show operator Premium Group has purchased a minority stake of the company. This deal will cement a strategic alignment amongst Liberty Fairs Fashion Group shows – which include Liberty Fairs, Cabana and Capsule – and the Premium Group. Liberty Fairs and Premium Group have a longstanding relationship, as the two groups have carved out their signature footholds in the men’s and women’s contemporary fashion markets in both the U.S. and Europe.

For Liberty Fairs Fashion Group, which acquired Capsule in April 2018, this alignment with Premium Group marks an ongoing expansion and diversification to amplify its exposure in the women’s market. “We have always admired the Premium Group and the Liberty family has a long-standing friendship with Anita and her team,” said Sam Ben-Avraham, founder of Liberty Fairs Fashion Group. “It makes all the sense in the world for us to work together as our respective shows explore expansion possibilities at an international level. This deal gives us the opportunity to officially join forces as Premium Group explores the trade show market in the U.S., and as we evaluate different options in taking Liberty, Capsule and Cabana to Europe.”

Liberty FairsAnita Tillmann, managing partner of the Premium Group, added: “we are tremendously excited about the prospect of working with the incredible Liberty team. The global fashion industry is highly dynamic and constantly changing and evolving. There is a huge opportunity to provide state-of-the-art events focused on commerce, community and relevant content in order to better serve the changing needs of brands and retailers. The combination of the Premium Group’s strong relationships and long history of cutting-edge events and Liberty Fairs’ network and expertise makes this an ideal partnership.”

As previously reported by MR, Liberty is shaking things up in Las Vegas in February 2019 and moving its shows to downtown Las Vegas. At this new downtown venue, the companies will unveil its first iteration of Premium Group alongside Liberty Fairs in the U.S. and, furthermore, develop a new concept for the womenswear segment in New York City.

Liberty Fairs