by Christopher Blomquist

Opening New York Fashion Week, New York Men’s Day (NYMD) takes place again one week from tomorrow, on Friday, February 11 at Canoe Studios in Chelsea, in a five-brand morning showcase (10:30 to 12:30) and another five-brand afternoon one (4:30 to 6:00). A total of nine labels will take part (sponsor Perry Ellis America will show at both sessions).

Here, all nine of the participating menswear and genderless labels offer a sneak peek of what they’ll show and what inspired their f/w 2022-23 collections.

A.Potts; Designer: Aaron Potts

Inspiration: SKINFOLK: Skin tones, sculptural shapes and Noir-Romantics

Atelier Cillian; Designer: Stephen Mikhail

Inspiration: Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hellfire Club

Clara Son; Designer: Clara Son

Inspiration: Bugs

Nicholas Raefski ; Designer: Nicholas Raefski

Inspiration: Nostalgia and false nostalgia, remembering the past better than it was

Perry Ellis America; Designer:  Thomas Harvey, Vice President of Design for Perry Ellis

Inspiration: Modern American Landscape

Stan; Designer: Tristan Detwiler 

Inspiration: The Rugged Gentleman

Teddy Vonranson; Designer: Teddy von Ranson

Inspiration: North Beach

The Academy New York; Designer:  Swaim Hutson

Inspiration: Gangs Of Kabukicho ~ Watanabe Katsumi, Buffalo ~ Ray Petri

William Frederick; Designer: William McNicol

Inspiration: A little taste of exile