Primark Makes Even Walmart Look Pricey On Clothes

by MR Magazine Staff

When Irish fashion chain Primark made its US debut in Boston last September, America’s clothing retailers must have shuddered. Primark sells trendy clothes in Europe that are shockingly cheap, even by the standards of fast-fashion specialists such as H&M. Primark aims to open eight US locations by the end of the year, and Morgan Stanley has shown just how threatening that is. The financial firm commissioned a survey of 100 comparable items across 14 different stores in the Boston area to compare Primark’s pricing with that of other major clothing retailers. On average, other retailers in the US were priced at a 202% premium to Primark, as MarketWatch reports. Even Walmart, the epitome of thrift in the US, was more expensive, costing about 36% more. Read more at Quartz.