Print’s Charming: Sneak a Peek at Our July 2015 Issue

by Karen Alberg Grossman

coverIs there anything more exciting that nailing a big sale, especially when it’s unexpected? We recently asked our past Uptown/Downtown honorees for the most outrageous sale they ever made. Here’s one of our favorite responses from Dick Pattison at Taylor Richards Conger in Charlotte:

“My most outrageous sale occurred about 12 years ago on a Saturday morning, around 10:05. I remember the time because our shop’s credo is that we have to make a sale to the first customer of the day in order to set the tone for the day. So a well-dressed man popped into the shop that morning to buy a pair of socks.  He was staying at the hotel behind our center, and as he’d forgotten to bring a few clothing items, the concierge suggested he give us a try.  I quickly found him the perfect pair of black over-the-calf socks and was about to ring him up when I laughingly asked if he wanted to see the suit that goes with those particular socks.  Glancing at his watch, he admitted that he did have about 15 minutes and would take a look.  A half hour later I was back at the checkout, ringing up our first sale of the day: a pair of black dress socks and the Giorgio Armani suit that went with them!”

If you appreciate this tale, don’t miss the full feature in our newly redesigned July issue of MR magazine, due out any day.  Keep an eye out for it!

Also in this exciting print issue:  profiles on our award-winning Game Changers, William Buckley’s fabulous fashion (an outtake from the issue’s photo shoot he did with artist and photographer Greg Swales is shown above) , Michael Macko’s rant on age appropriate dressing, business analysis, illustrations by Daniel Velasco and much, much more.Game Changers (2)To subscribe to the print edition, click here.