The Procrastinator’s $99 Tuxedo

by MR Magazine Staff

When the Lower East Side was teeming with garment shops, even a decade ago, New Era Factory Outlet had plenty of foot traffic. The neighborhood today, however, is hardly recognizable; Orchard Street has just as many art galleries, restaurants and bars as clothes sellers, and New Era now does most of its business online. But a few years ago, Robert Zaiger, New Era’s owner, noticed a new kind of customer at the shop: The young man looking for a tuxedo, often for his first formal occasion, and usually he was a procrastinator. It wasn’t the bubble-gum pink suit in the window that caught his eye, but a couple of dozen impassioned Yelp reviewers who raved about Mr. Zaiger’s service and low, low prices. Mr. Zaiger’s customers range from doo-wop groups to costume designers from shows like “Saturday Night Live” and all kinds of special-event goers — a few Tony Awards attendees were in recently to buy tuxedos. The store sells hats, dress shirts and suits in nearly every color imaginable, and some — red, burgundy, lime green — unadvisable. But this time of year, tuxedos are the most popular item, and prom and wedding shoppers the most frequent visitors. Read more at The New York Times.