by Stephen Garner

Psycho Bunny has launched a colorful new holiday 2020 campaign.

Called “Color Up Your Holidays,” the campaign features 21 real people including traditional families, couples, best friends, and large friend groups all wearing brightly colored Psycho Bunny products from the holiday 2020 collection.

Psycho Bunny used real people in lieu of professional models within the campaign in order to celebrate the spirit of family and as a way to shoot people together in a time where social distancing among strangers is required. The cast consists of traditional family units as well as non-traditional family units such as roommates, couples, and friend groups from all walks of life. Each group has been cohabitating together since the global pandemic began in the spring and represent a new idea of what the typical “family” looks like.

Psycho Bunny held an open casting through social media for people to apply to be a part of the new campaign. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Psycho Bunny wasn’t able to hold in-person castings so the crew spent more than 30 hours thumbing through 150 group applications as well as video conferences with 50 plus applicants to understand what they and their families were like. Ultimately Psycho Bunny landed on its cast of eight groups which consisted of 21 people for the final campaign. In order to maintain social distancing, each group drove themselves to the shoot location where they participated in the all-day shoot under strict social distancing guidelines.

“Your version of family could be a traditional one with a mother and father, whereas mine could be my group of friends that I’ve known for years,” said Matthew Morein, brand and marketing manager at Psycho Bunny. “We’ve all been through a lot this year so we wanted to not only create a colorful and happy story with the clothes Psycho Bunny is known for, but also show that there is a diverse group of people out there that have their own colorful story.”

Set in what appears to be an almost alien surface of rocks and dust, a colorfully staged Psycho Bunny store can be seen in the middle of the barren landscape “coloring up” the sterile area. The pop-up store was designed in collaboration with architect Nathan Nardin who spent several weeks assembling the enormous piece in his Montreal studio before bringing it to life in the desert. The pop-up uses the facade that is found on Psycho Bunny’s current retail locations which incorporate the bunny emblem and opens up to a world of color through the use of brightly colored plexi which pop against the rocky desert setting.

Psycho Bunny will roll the campaign out through the brand’s website and social media channels as well as set up a call to action on social media and through the brand’s retail locations to encourage more people to show what makes their family special.