PT Torino
by Karen Alberg Grossman

In order to simplify and modernize its branding, Italy’s much-admired luxury pants maker has combined its various segments into just two: PT Torino and PT Denim.

PT chairman Edoardo Fassino explains, “After 12 years, we wanted to update and simplify. We had too many labels and explaining the difference between PT01 and PT05 was not always easy. More importantly, we wanted to reinvent ourselves, to update and restyle everything from the product to the labels to the marketing in order to promote our more modern sensibility. The perception of the brand was still classic while the product was becoming fashion-forward: we wanted the image to more closely match the reality.”

Fassino also speaks about shorter fashion cycles and trends in pants coming back sooner “but of course in a slightly different way.” He recognizes the confusion this often creates for buyers. “In Italy, slim-fit is considered the most classic model whereas, in the States, it’s the most updated. You see pleated pants (single and double) coming back in Italy and Japan but they’re impossible to sell in the U.S. since buyers consider them ‘old’ and won’t touch them.”

Acknowledging that it’s impossible to generalize, Fassino nonetheless believes that U.S. stores should take more risks. “I think customers everywhere want new: they’re super informed; they know what’s going on. Nobody needs basics; everyone can be tempted by new. I’d love to see U.S. retailers step out just a bit: if not with new models (super long lengths, high rise and cropped) then at least with fabrics, colors, and patterns. But if stores don’t show it, customers won’t ask for it.”

PT Torino