Public School’s State Of Acceleration

by MR Magazine Staff

Maxwell Osborne has taken 6,300 steps, and it’s only 1 p.m. He and business partner Dao-Yi Chow have just wrapped up a high-energy women’s runway show at New York Fashion Week for Public School, the tailored streetwear label they cofounded. A week before, their latest men’s collection was shown on a Manhattan sidewalk to glowing reviews from consumers and industry insiders alike, and just a few days later it was announced that Public School had been tapped to remix a Fitbit wearable fitness tracker to bring style to an unlikely category. (Both Osborne and Chow adorn their wrists with one.) Two days later, they would take a bow at DKNY, where they are co-creative directors—their third show of the month. It’s a whirlwind week. But Obsborne and Chow know that they must stay kinetic to keep the momentum. Read more at Surface.