by Shae Marcus

I’ve been working in menswear for the past 13 years, during which time I’ve become increasingly passionate about connecting vendors and retailers as a community. Be it through our magazine pages, our daily newsletters, or at shows and events, our team takes great pride in bringing people together with integrity, enthusiasm, and successful results.

Of course, in these troubling times, it’s become more difficult to connect people in person. However, I’m inspired by the daily calls I’m having with vendors and retailers who I now call friends. They’re creating exciting new ways to do business, as we’ve also had to do at MR. Webinars, podcasts, Instagram videos, and of course our digital magazines are ventures that are proving both provocative and profitable. Through these new channels, we’re able to connect brands directly to our dedicated readers: buyers and store owners who are eagerly seeking new product and new ideas.

Yes, times have been extremely difficult for all of us. But we will get through it, together, as a community. One new idea at a time.

Thank you for all the support you’ve given us over the years. We look forward to strengthening these partnerships, and building new ones, in the months ahead.


  1. As karen alberg and stu nifoussi can attest i was the largest advertiser in mr for many years when i worked with allyn saint George licensing and marketing company. Even though I am mostly retired i enjoy receiving all the information that you provide.

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