by Stephen Garner

PVH MagnaReadyPVH Corp. has entered into a licensing agreement with MagnaReady LLC’s patented technology to utilize its magnetic closure system in PVH products. Men’s sport and dress shirts incorporating MagnaReady LLC’s technology will be available in major department stores under a PVH label later this year.

Born from a wife’s sewing project after her husband began to lose mobility in his fingers due to Parkinson’s disease, MagnaReady shirts contain self-closing technology that eliminate the need to button a shirt. Simply pressing the two sides of the shirtfront together snaps the magnets into place. The magnetic closures are hidden between layers of fabric and buttons or other traditional closures are placed decoratively on garments.

“MagnaReady shirts were created out of necessity,” said Maura Horton, CEO of MagnaReady. “I was honored when it grew into helping more people than just my husband. And while the magnetic closure system is a lifesaver for people with mobility issues, it is also an incredible time saver for the average guy. It will be surreal to walk into a department store and see shirts on the racks incorporating the patented magnetic closure system I designed, but I am incredibly excited to watch how PVH’s shirts incorporating this technology will impact the men’s fashion industry. And, more importantly, hear more stories about how the shirts have benefited my customers’ lives.”

PVH Corp. t is the world’s largest shirt and neckwear company, and markets a variety of goods under its own brands, Van Heusen, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, IZOD, ARROW, Warner’s and Olga, and its licensed brands, including Speedo, Geoffrey Beene, Kenneth Cole New York, Kenneth Cole Reaction, MICHAEL MichaelKors, Sean John and Chaps.