by John Russel Jones

Have you started counting the hours, yet? Is the car already gassed up? The beach bag packed? Last weekend’s grocery shopping included potato salad makings, hot dogs, charcoal, and, of course, a couple of six-packs? Summer 2023 is so close you can practically it.

To help get you in the mood — sustainably, of course — surf brand Quiksilver and Baja-born beer brand Pacifico have released their second collab. Last summer, the brands launched their first capsule together, and this year’s collection builds upon the original release, inspired by the great outdoors. With an emphasis on celebrating natural spaces, the new collection includes sustainably made tees, tanks, hats, boardshorts, and a cooler, all of which feature original Quiksilver / Pacifico artwork. Retails range from $32 for trucker hats, up to $64 for boardshorts. 

Quiksilver has partnered with SeaTrees this year to support the planting and restoration of blue-carbon coastal ecosystems around the world. This year’s Quiksilver / Pacifico collaboration supports this partnership and highlights the brands’ shared values around taking care of the places we play. The donation directly helps various SeaTrees restoration initiatives, allowing the organization to invest in more blue-carbon projects and, ultimately, take one step closer to its goal of supporting 100 projects by 2030. Last year both Quiksilver and Pacifico organized beach cleanups in correspondence with the apparel collection’s release, and this year’s Quiksilver partnership with SeaTrees symbolizes a continuation of maintaining ocean health, this time from the water.

 Both Quiksilver and Pacifico maintain sustainability-oriented practices: Pacifico currently partners with the National Park Trust to preserve parks today and create park stewards for tomorrow, while Quiksilver prioritizes the use of recycled production scraps and retired textile waste during production to move one step closer to circular manufacturing. The new Quiksilver / Pacifico collection is symbolic of both brands’ pursuit of preserving the great outdoors and inspiring adventure for future generations.

Since both brands are continually conscious of their environmental footprints, products within the latest capsule have been designed with the Earth in mind, using recycled yarns and organic cotton and utilizing recycled plastic bottles to make boardshorts. The capsule includes hats made from NetPlus by Bureo, a raw material created from South American recycled fishing nets. The collection has been thoughtfully designed to minimize environmental footprint and protect the outdoors, from boardshorts made from recycled plastic bottles to hats embroidered with recycled yarns and tees made with 100% organic cotton. The Quiksilver / Pacifico Collection holds sustainable-production certifications Global Recycled Standard Scope, Organic Cotton, UNIFI Recycled Polyester, and NetPlus.

All products are available via quiksilver.com.