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Ralph lauren debuts ‘family is who you love’ campaign

by Stephen Garner

Ralph Lauren has launched a new global advertising campaign entitled “Family is who you love,” an inspiring celebration of togetherness and unity. Eight diverse and multicultural groups are featured and represent a broad spectrum of family—from multigenerational families to same-sex couples to chosen families—all united by the notion of family is who you love.

Continuing the generational theme from Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary Show and exemplifying the brand’s past, present, and future, the eclectic group is composed of iconic Ralph Lauren models from the early years and current models and friends of the brand alongside their families.

Ralph Lauren

The “Family is who you love” campaign will run from April through June in global markets and will be inclusive of outdoor, print, digital, and social media placements as well as on RalphLauren.com.

“Ralph’s vision has always been built upon clear values, and the idea of family has been central to what we stand for—in our brands and in our business,” said Jonathan Bottomley, chief marketing officer at Ralph Lauren. “‘Family is who you love’ is a celebration of the fact that family means different things to each of us—we live in a world where the meaning of family is bigger, broader, and more personal than it has ever been before.”

Bottomley added, “We believe that family is one of the most positive forces and powerful unifiers for all of us today. This campaign is a fresh expression of that idea, one that was central to our 50th Anniversary Show and is apparent in our work culture, and we believe it will resonate strongly with consumers around the world.”


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