Ralph Lauren’s 1992 Stadium Collection Is Back

by MR Magazine Staff

For ‘Lo Heads—the Ralph Lauren obsessives who wear head-to-toe Polo—the early ’90s were everything. The collections Polo released in those days, including “Snow Beach,” “Stadium” and “Indian Point,” included the most coveted Polo pieces in the brand’s history, like the legendary Snow Beach pullover and items with the original “P-Wing” logo. Part of what’s made these pieces so desirable in recent years is that they’ve been nearly impossible to come by: if you wanted an original 1992 pullover from the “Stadium” collection, it’d run you thousands of dollars. That is, until now. Today, Ralph Lauren re-issued its 1992 Stadium Collection, complete with P-Wing logo caps, jackets, sweaters, and one perfectly ’90s windbreaker. Read more at GQ.