by Stephen Garner

Italian luxury menswear brand Ravazzolo is ramping up its personalization efforts with a new customizable category.

Already well-known for its made-to-measure capabilities in suits, sportcoats, and trousers, the family-owned brand is extending this service into outerwear. Now, customers can add their own personal taste into the range of customizable outerwear starting at $2,995.

Known as its “Dynamic Tailor” program, customers can choose the style, fabrics (even lightweight sportcoat fabrics), linings, and trims that they want, allowing full control of the process. Then the customer will try on a sample of the jacket style they want to purchase and a tailor will pin it and record exact measurements – from sleeve lengths to midsections, to shoulders. Turnaround time for all of the brand’s made-to-measure is four weeks out of its factory in Italy. Ravazzolo can also rush an order for three weeks, or even seven days, for a premium surcharge.

And, as Martin Bradshaw, the vice president of U.S. for Ravazzolo, tells us, customers are loving this new program. “Customers are coming into stores looking for items nowadays,” he tells MR. “So, what this does, is gives the retailers the opportunity to call the customer with something new and special and it gets them in the door. What’s more, retailers don’t even have to buy all this stock, since its made-to-measure, so it’s a win-win. This program is definitely our most exciting product right now.”

Bradshaw also notes that his new clients are using this program as a way to introduce the brand. “Stores have been building a whole story around these outerwear pieces with a couple of suits, some sport coats, and a few of our knits, and then all of a sudden we have a nice representation of the brand. Retailers are looking for newness, and I think this is our way of providing that for them.”