by Stephen Garner

Ray-BanRay-Ban’s latest campaign taps into feeling #ProudtoBelong this holiday season – built on returning to your roots and rediscovering your sense of self.

The holiday campaign aims to highlight togetherness, acceptance and personal identity. It’s about family – the one you have, the one you choose, and what that word means to you in its most modern sense. The campaign images show the latest Ray-Ban styles designed for every person and every situation. It doesn’t matter what your story is, or how it’s changed – friendships merge, gender roles are shed, new lovers are introduced, race becomes immaterial.

Ray-BanFor almost 80 years Ray-Ban has been forging its name as the most iconic eyewear brand. Ray-Ban glasses tell a story through decades, trends and the people that wear them. It’s about seeing and being seen, and ownership of one’s own individuality – of dictating who we are instead of being told. But most of all, it’s about sharing what it is to be you, with people who understand it. It’s about that feeling of belonging, without conforming.

This holiday season, Ray-Ban is creating a story about feeling #ProudtoBelong with the relaunch of two of its top styles – the Meteor and the Nina – first launched in the 1960s. The Meteor is practical, modern yet rooted in nostalgia. Inspired by the Wayfarer, it comes with a rounder lens and larger bridge. The Nina, comprised of a sharp cat-eye frame, a keyhole bridge and iconic rivets, this is the spirit of 1960s sensuality distilled into eyewear.