Recession Threat Has Retailers Thinking Twice About Big Decisions

by MR Magazine Staff

What does the U.S. economy have in store for retailers in 2019? For many, it looks to be a waiting game. Businesses are waiting for economic data and holiday-quarter earnings to come out before they make decisions on how much and where to invest. They’re waiting to see if the economy is slipping into a recession. Waiting to see if global trade tensions rise or ease. And waiting to see if consumers pull back on discretionary spending should their tax refunds shrink. And while these companies wait, some are seemingly holding off on big investments. There’s a 50 percent chance, at least, the U.S. heads into a recession in 2019, KPMG principal and chief economist Constance Hunter said during a panel with members of the media during the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York on Monday. Read more at CNBC.