by John Russel Jones

Talk about sustainability: The new Red Wing boot collection is not new at all! Nothing new was created for the limited, upcycled collection. Not the boots, not the ads. Nothing.

Red Wing is renowned for sturdy, well-crafted, Made-in-USA boots with a genuine blue-collar heritage, and a real story of quality, sustainability, and adventure. The company celebrates its unique heritage this season with Same Old, an upcycled collection of footwear. This limited, upcycled collection will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20th, 2022. Launching the world’s first ever fully upcycled campaign, “Same Old,” Red Wing Heritage has created nothing new, from the product to the advertisements. Instead, the brand is giving decades’ worth of upcycled products another life, allowing pieces of Red Wing Heritage’s past to live on, while keeping boots on feet instead of in landfills. The Same Old upcycled collection will consist of more than 50 upcycled products, including a mix of historic silhouettes from Red Wing’s archives, current in-line styles that have been broken in and worn to perfection, and vintage memorabilia and apparel.

To bring ‘Same Old’ to life and showcase the campaign’s limited collection, Red Wing opened a pop-up experience at its midtown New York City store last week that runs through the end of October. The museum-like displays feature vintage boots, advertising, and ephemera, including period television commercials shown on decade-appropriate televisions. Some of the upcycled footwear photographed for the campaign was even shot using vintage film, to lend classic character.