Reddit’s Home For Menswear Grows Up—By Outgrowing Its Name

“Getting dressed makes me feel more like a person,” said Kyoko Caulfield. “I need to do it even if I’m in virtual school, even if I’m not working, even if I’m not seeing people. It’s still nice to share my outfit with the world in some capacity.” Caulfield is 22 years old, identifies as genderqueer, and uses she/her pronouns. She is also one of the most prolific posters to Reddit’s “r/MaleFashion” (the subreddit is also referred to as Malefashion, or MF). Her all-time most popular post is of her wearing a hand-sewn kimono of her own design, upcycled from reused plaid fabric in a nod to her Japanese-Scottish heritage. This month, her most popular post to MF sees her modeling a vintage Boy Scout uniform next to her dad, captioned “father and son.” MF began in 2011 as Reddit’s home for fit pics and conversation from men “dressed by the internet.” At the time, this meant devotees of fashion micro-cultures: raw denim-heads, Antwerp Six historians, Rick Owens zealots, people who could spell “sprezzatura,” etc. Diehards from these groups came from their separate blogs/forums and coalesced into r/malefashion as Reddit grew in popularity. Read more at GQ.