by MR Magazine Staff

REEF is in a long-term relationship with the beach, so the brand wants to ensure the world’s beaches, oceans, and reefs are respected and protected. Long known for both its standout footwear and commitment to beach culture, REEF is taking its leadership in the environmental space to new depths with a weeklong initiative designed to celebrate and raise awareness for coral reef education, conservation, and protection. Kicking off on World Reef Day on June 1st, the brand will host eight “lessons learned from the reef” on their social and digital channels for a dedicated week on this precious wonder of the world.

Spanning from June 1st to June 8th, REEF Week’s lessons will live on the brand’s digital and social channels and serve to both educate and entertain on the topic of reef preservation and protection, lessons taught by a variety of knowledgeable REEF ambassadors from professional surfer and biochemist, Cliff Kapono, to marine conservationist, Brinkley Davies.

“Through my work with REEF, it’s been important for me to celebrate with people how to be better environmental stewards, which is why shining a spotlight on ocean conservation during REEF Week is so powerful,” said REEF ambassador, Cliff Kapono. “As both a surfer and a scientist, I have a doubly vested interest in protecting the life beneath the waves, and I’m thrilled to be able to share with others on how they can make an impact too.”

Viewers will be able to relax through a live reef viewing on day one, World REEF Day; learn ocean habits that protect wildlife in their natural habitat, view images that show the incredible world that lives beneath the surface of the ocean, and see first-hand accounts of this powerful ecosystem at work and what humans need to do to preserve it. The final day of REEF Week, also World Oceans Day will spotlight REEF’s newest partnership with music songwriter/superstar Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Reefs (NSRs) to help spread awareness and increase education around coral reefs preservation and ocean conservation.

“Protecting our environment is a core part of the brand DNA at REEF. We’re always striving to find new ways to educate our consumers on the conservation of our beloved oceans, beaches, and coral reefs” said REEF President, Mike Jensen. “Creating REEF Week is a way for us to do just that. Partnering with like-minded organizations, such as No Shoes Reefs, helps us better amplify coral reef awareness to an even broader audience.”

“For me, any time we can work with an organization that’s both educational and awareness-raising, and something that’s a functional part of life like a great flip flop that benefits our work protecting the coral reefs and ocean conservation, is a double win,” says Chesney. “I’m honored to team with Mike Jensen, his incredible team at REEF, and REEF ambassador Cliff Kapono to be part of this week’s incredible events and activations.”

Through the brand’s partnership with No Shoes Reefs, two eco-focused organizations are coming together to spotlight ocean conservation in a variety of consumer-facing ways. As part of this collaboration, REEF is launching limited-edition No Shoes Reefs sandals in which 30 percent of proceeds will give back to the organization.

The REEF x NSRs collection will feature the Drift Classic for men and Drift Away for women. The sandals feature a premium leather footbed over a cushy midsole crafted from sustainable sugarcane. They will be available on the brand’s website for $75. To learn more about REEF Week or view the product collection, visit or the brand’s Instagram.