Reese Cooper Combines Levi’s Past, Present, and Future for His New Collab

Reese Cooper, like most folks, is plenty familiar with Levi’s, the San Francisco-born company credited with pushing denim into the mainstream. Now, as a fashion designer with his own eponymous brand, he’s spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on the ways in which he experience the brand while living in both Atlanta and London through his adolescence.

In Atlanta, he scooped classic 501s from Tractor Supply stores, where farming supplies and power tools are probably the most sold items. In London, he was met with refined Levi’s iterations at stores like Dover Street Market, where the cheapest item is equivalent to two week’s pay for the typical person. He knows Levi’s as an innately American workwear brand, but also an export, a style-defining essential some folks only know as a fashion statement. Both consumer experiences informed his collaboration with the blue jean behemoth, which drops on June 23 via Levi’s online store. Read more at Esquire.