Rejoice, For Bill Murray Will Soon Bring His Bill Murray-ness To Fashion

by MR Magazine Staff

Bill Murray is a pop cultural icon of such stature that his name should become a verb. Like when you do something so completely entertaining and out of left field that you would describe it by saying, “I totally Bill Murray-ed that.” Say, when you crash a stranger’s engagement photo session, or jump out of a plane to kick off a Chicago air show. Well, Bill Murray just Bill Murray-ed fashion by announcing that he and his brothers will release a line of golf clothing called William Murray Golf. (Was the announcement intentionally tied to his 66th birthday today? Maybe!) Though the collection doesn’t appear to include Pabst Blue Ribbon shorts, it will (according to a press statement quoted in Fashionista) “break away from traditional golf apparel by bringing a new look and feel to the industry with a little irreverence and a lot of style.” Read more at Esquire.