Remembering The Messiest Night In Fashion

by MR Magazine Staff

The door of the famed Bergdorf Goodman restaurant was off the hinges. Why was it off the hinges? Because the Olsen twins were bartending, and so many people wanted to see. Why were the Olsen twins bartending? Because Anna Wintour decided that people should get excited about shopping again, and that the first night of Fashion Week would be the perfect time for her initiative. It was called Fashion’s Night Out — and every store worth its Proenza PS1 bags was participating. The Olsen twins (the designers for The Row) tended bar at Bergdorf Goodman to help draw people into the store. On the same night, Wintour was at a Macy’s in Queens doing an appearance with Michael Kors at the height of his Project Runway fame; Vogue editor Hamish Bowles was doing karaoke at Juicy Couture; and the designers for indie brand Vena Cava (now defunct) were in a dunk tank at Bird in Brooklyn. Employees at Barneys were running out to get more Champagne to serve the hundreds of guest flooding into the store. Read more at The Cut.