Rent The Runway And Nordstrom Have Big Plans To Reshape Retail

by MR Magazine Staff

Rent the Runway, the decade-old clothing rental platform now valued at $1 billion, is expanding its partnership with heritage department store Nordstrom. The two companies tell Fast Company exclusively that they will be blending their capabilities along many dimensions, including creating new products together and incorporating Nordstrom inventory into the Rent the Runway system. For Rent the Runway customers, the most immediate and obvious shift is that they will be able to drop off their rentals at more Nordstrom locations. Earlier this year, Rent the Runway piloted a program where users could drop off their products at five Nordstrom stores. These drop boxes have been very successful, and starting on the 18th of November, 22 more Nordstrom stores, in cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas, will carry these drop boxes. Read more at Fast Company.