Report: ‘Ultra-Fast’ Fashion Players Gain On Zara, H&M

by MR Magazine Staff

Spanish Zara and Swedish H&M innovated the fast-fashion model decades ago and have brought the approach to the global stage. That’s helped fuel consumer demands for immediate availability of the latest styles, and even luxury labels have sped up their supply chains. Now, in a challenge to those fast-fashion stalwarts, many smaller apparel brands have sped up the design-to-sale process even more, turning fast fashion into “ultra-fast fashion,” according to a recent report from research and consulting firm Fung Global Retail & Technology, “Fast Fashion Speeding Toward Ultrafast Fashion.”, ASOS and Missguided can produce merchandise in two to four weeks, compared to five weeks for Zara and H&M and the six- to nine-month cycle for traditional retailers, according to the report. Read more at Retail Dive.