Retail Mashups Bring Experiences Such As Getting A Tattoo And Shopping Together

by MR Magazine Staff

Plenty of shoppers walk into a store looking for one thing — a scarf, a pair of loafers — and walk out with something unintended, such as a new fall sweater. Or how about a tattoo? That’s an extra offered to customers visiting Shinola in downtown Los Angeles, a store usually known for its watches, bikes and leather goods. The store is also home to a shop owned by renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Such retail mashups are becoming more common as stores strive to incorporate unexpected experiences to entice customers who otherwise might be content to shop online. Surprising activities could get them off the couch and walking into an actual store. “It is vital that retailers make it worthwhile for consumers to visit their stores,” says Neil Saunders, managing director of the retail consultancy GlobalData. “This means making stores about more than just a place to sell product but also to inspire, engage, educate and excite.” Shinola isn’t alone. Read more at USA Today.