Retail Trade Group Sees Solid Holiday Sales Despite Pandemic

The National Retail Federation, the nation’s largest retail trade group, expects that holiday sales could actually exceed growth seen in prior seasons, despite all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. The reason? Shoppers are looking for opportunities to spend and celebrate the holidays during tough times. The trade group said Monday that it predicts that sales for the November and December period will increase between 3.6% and 5.2% over 2019 to a total ranging between $755.3 billion and $766.7 billion. Read more at Associated Press.

One Reply to “Retail Trade Group Sees Solid Holiday Sales Despite Pandemic”

  1. Guidance from NRF is worse than meaningless. It reports ONLY on national chains and publicly traded entities. It includes Amazon.

    One of the polls we read (I think from Retail Dive) said that something like 70% of all respondents indicated that they would do 100% of their holiday shopping ONLINE. I don’t buy that number, but NRF includes it, regardless of the scale. They also include Target and Walmart and Dollar General and Marshall’s and on and on, none of it having anything to do with our stores.

    I have ZERO idea of what’s going to happen. There is always a level of tension as we lead into this weekend, but this is different. We are SO at the mercy of things beyond our control with everything associated with this virus and the way people respond to it.

    Maybe there are a LOT of readers of the MR emails that are associated with Big and Public. Is that so?

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