Retailers Turn Athletes Into Muses As $450M Menswear Market Matures

by MR Magazine Staff

Retailers have taken advantage of contemporary menswear’s popularity by aligning with the sports world’s most premier athletes. Sports figures are often turned to for style inspiration by discerning male consumers who tune in for post-game press conferences and read about their favorite players in men’s lifestyle publications. Retail marketers have taken note, choosing to work with talked-about players from a number of sports for content and collaborations, with the goal of turning fans’ interest into purchases. “Today’s affluent consumer is as discerning as ever,” said Paul Farkas, co-founder and CEO, Athleisure Mag and Accessory2. “They are super informed and hyper-connected, with access to a host of comparison and recommendation engines at their fingertips for showrooming everything. Price, quality, fit, performance and value are all important shopping criteria. Read more at Luxury Daily.