by John Russel Jones

Fleischer Studios, brand-licensing agency Global Icons, and RGB designer Antione Joyner have launched a limited-edition RGB x Betty Boop collection in partnership with Fred Segal. The collection will include T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweatpants and will range in price from $100 to $250.

The collaboration debuts Fleischer Studios’ Betty of the People initiative, a program created by Fleischer Studios to make Betty Boop more accessible to a wider range of identity communities around the world by showcasing the beloved character with a diverse variety of partners creating designs that celebrate community, equity, unity, and inclusion.

Mark Fleischer, Chairman and CEO of Fleischer Studios said, “For 92 years, Betty Boop has been loved by an incredible range of cultures around the world. In launching this broad Betty of the People initiative, every item we offer will shine with the invitation to embrace acceptance, respect, love and courage, not to mention sheer fun. We’re delighted to launch the program through this new collaboration with Fred Segal and Antione Joyner, a visionary in the world of style and streetwear.”

The inspiration for the BOOPProduced by: RGB collection came when creator Antione Joyner learned of the new Betty of the People initiative. As a Black designer, Joyner wanted this collection to showcase the spectrum of shades people of color represent. As he incorporated the hues of the people in his life, he hopes this collection will inspire others to share the stories of color in their own community.

“I’m excited to be designing with such a bold, legendary character that has long been a symbol of empowerment, confidence, and self-expression. From Betty Boop’soriginal artistic style inspired by the essence and sounds of so many Jazz Age stars to her current day stance as a figure of love, inspiration, and inclusion, I created this collection with the idea that it can be worn anywhere by anyone, and that everyone would be able to see the iconic character in themselves,” Joyner said.

Antione Joyner emerged from the luxury sportswear scene in Atlanta after founding ROYGBIV in 2017 with a passion to bring color to the everyday uniform. His pieces have been heavily endorsed by hip-hop moguls, including Future, Trinidad James, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, plus more. Limited availability of products, including the new BOOPProduced by: RGB collection, offers exclusivity to consumers, keeping RGB in high demand and making the brand a cut above the rest, while creating a community through color.

First introduced in 1930, Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer for his “Talkartoons” series, the world’s first animated “talkies” which Max’s company, Fleischer Studios, produced for Paramount Studios. Inspired by the Jazz Age flappers and entertainers of the 1920s, by 1932 she was the only female animated screen star in the world. Voiced by Mae Questel, Betty starred in more than 100 cartoons, 90 of which are included in the official Betty Boop series, which ended in 1939. Since then, Betty has appeared in dozens of hit movies, television specials, commercials, and was the first cartoon character to be profiled by A&E’s Biography series.