Rightwing Protestors Are Trying To Ruin Hawaiian Shirts Now

It’s maddening to consider, but it’s only been a month since a bunch of folks who now seem to believe that police brutality is a reasonable response to peaceful protest got their underthings in a twist and took to city squares across the country—guns slung over their shoulders or cradled in their arms—to publicly whinge about being unable to get a haircut. Nevertheless, it’s true. And if you were paying attention to those demonstrations, you may have noticed a contingent of those 2A types wearing an unlikely garment: the Hawaiian shirt. Ridiculous as it may seem, that’s no coincidence. In fact, all those aloha prints are designed to send a very clear message to folks with the right set of references: I am hoping for a second Civil War. Chilling? Fuck yes. But confounding, too. And it gets even weirder when you learn that this whole thing springs from dumb online jokes about the 1984 cinematic flop Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. Read more at Esquire.