The Rise Of The Minimalist Shopper And The Changing Face Of Retail

by MR Magazine Staff

With popular culture and media filling mainstream content with an intense commentary on global warming, human wastage, pollution and the need to tread lightly on our planet, there’s an emerging segment of the population that wants to live a sustainable lifestyle of self-awareness and minimalism. Keeping in line with minimalist living, the concept of multi-identity both as a lifestyle and as a fashion trend is making the rounds. There is a quest to marry vintage with modern and a focus on individuality, experimentation in fashion and an increasingly strong urge to simultaneously identify with multiple subcultures and identities. As a technology enabler and an AI provider for retail, I feel that there are some exciting new use cases for how artificial intelligence can be leveraged by players in these emerging segments to build a sustainable competitive advantage. But to know where the industry is going, it’s important to also understand its current state. Read more at Forbes.