Robert graham celebrates 20 years of style

by Karen Alberg Grossman

Celebrating 20 years of unique creativity and style, Robert Graham continues to evolve with shop-in-shops, collaborations, a newly revitalized women’s collection, and incredibly loyal retail partners and customers! Here, some photos from the brand’s market week anniversary dinner, at which, president Andrew Berg attributed the company’s success to the dedication of the brand’s team, its reps, and its retail partners.


    1. Highly dysfunctional company that is rudderless and without vision. Everything is done with smoke and mirrors as fas as design is concerned. No one likes or trusts one another throughout the company and staff work with fear and apprehension. Others just don’t care. The best people left long ago. All this comes from management’s disinterest in anything except getting their stock price up. They’ll sell any store anywhere, reputation be damned. Sad, really, considering what it could have been.

  1. I completely disagree with the negative comments about this company. I work for Centric Brands and support the Robert Graham team. They are top-notch professionals who work incredibly hard because they believe in the business and the brand. There is a clear vision, which starts at the top and is clearly communicated. In fact, they recently had a town hall outlining their vision and strategy. Their work is highly creative and successful as evidenced in the Star Wars collaboration this past Fall. In my close to 20 years of retail experience, I can honestly say that more companies should ASPIRE to operate like Robert Graham. Congratulations on this amazing milestone and thank you for being such great partners!

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