by Karen Alberg Grossman

No one who knows the multi-talented, ever-energetic, award-winning designer Robert Stock is at all surprised that he’s reemerged with not one but two exciting new collections. Founder of Robert Stock, Robert’s Club, and Robert Graham, Stock has entered into a partnership with Jonathan Sibony, founder and CEO of Au Noir, a Montreal-based men’s sportswear company, to produce Robert Stock Signature (for spring/summer 2020) and Robert Stock Heritage (fall 2020).

Why these collections and why now? Says Stock, “I love what I do and I especially love making people happy with fabulous clothes. As long as I can do it well and have fun doing it, I’ll keep creating. Although someone recently compared me to a rusty tractor with a really good engine, I feel like I’m at the peak of my game, right smack in the middle, brimming with ideas. I’m especially excited to work with Jonathan Sibony and AuNoir, a great Canadian sportswear brand.”

Both new Robert Stock collections are targeted to better specialty and upscale department stores in the U.S., Canada and internationally, but Stock has no particular demographic in mind when he designs. “Age to me is irrelevant: whether 25 or 75, it’s more about a guy’s attitude, about how he wants to express himself through clothing.”

The Signature collection, to be introduced at the Chicago and Vegas shows for spring/summer 2020, is a curated offering of specially designed, innovative woven shirts in imported fabrics, some with intricate detailing. Suggested retails are in the $195-$395 range. The Heritage fall 2020 collection will reflect the designer’s early work with Country Britches, Chaps, and Country Roads, focusing on outdoor-themed concepts updated for the modern era with Stock’s celebrated wit and style. Pricepoints here are $145-$295; Heritage will be shown from January 17th-20th, at the Park Lane hotel, followed by the Chicago Collective, February 16th-18th and in Las Vegas. The Au Noirlifestylecollection will be shown alongside the new Stock collections at these shows.

Joining the newly formed Robert Stock company as vice president of design is Thomas Main, co-founder of Robert’s Club and former design director of Robert Graham. Chelsea Curiale, part of Robert’s team for more than five years, has also joined the company as project manager based in the New York office, located at 500 7th Avenue.

For further information call Chelsea Curiale at 929-920-4790 or Au Noir Offices at 514-274-2098.


  1. Lot’s of luck with the new join venture.
    I know it was be great for both parties.
    Two very talented merchants.
    All the best

    1. Jonathan congratulations on your latest achievement partnering with
      the talented Robert Stock will set new horizon for Au Noir.
      I wish you great success.
      Henri Abitan.

  2. It’s great to see a Creston Avenue guy still in the game, hitting homeruns. All my best wishes, Jay Schwartz

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