How The Rolling Stones Became Fashion Icons

by MR Magazine Staff

The band’s vast fashion legacy is on full display at a show opening Saturday in New York, “Exhibitionism — The Rolling Stones,” billed as the largest collection of the Stones’ stage outfits, musical instruments and memorabilia ever assembled. The show takes place at Industria, a sprawling studio and event space in the West Village, after a five-month run at the Saatchi Gallery in London that drew more than 350,000 visitors. The retrospective, curated by Ileen Gallagher, formerly of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, digs deep from collectors’ vaults and the band members’ closets. The black-and-red Lucifer cape that Mr. Jagger wore at Altamont? It’s there. The antique toy drum kit that Charlie Watts used for “Street Fighting Man”? It’s there, too. Read more at The New York Times.