by Stephen Garner

American menswear designer and illustrator Ron Chereskin is launching an underwear line. Called “MDRNST” (pronounced modernist), Chereskin will debut his first underwear collection this Friday.

For this launch, Chereskin has created an updated classic boxer brief that keeps its signature shape but is 1.5” shorter than a standard boxer brief, which prevents “bunching up” while wearing; but, is designed longer than a standard trunk, which tends to ride up. The pouch is designed with a delicately extended inseam, further adding a level of comfort and support.

Made from a cotton/modal/spandex blend, the hand of the fabric is super soft and provides breathability, and water absorption qualities. Additionally, the modal fabric is made from reconstituted beech tree cellulose, which makes the production more eco-friendly as the process uses significantly less water than cotton. Alongside the general eased comfortability, the tailored trunks have a wider waistband that reduces rubbing and reduces the formation of love handles.

Each MDRNST print was originally designed by Chereskin in his studio in New York City. Along with being a talented fashion designer, Chereskin is also an award-winning illustrator whose work has graced the cover of magazines and has permanent works on display in the library of the House of Representatives and MOMA.

“Ron and his artistic acumen are already an integral part of my Gravity business – his unique designs coupled with our iconic weighted blankets generated more than $1 million in the first six months following launch,” said Mike Grillo, CEO of Gravity Products, who helped Chereskin launch the brand. “Given this success, I knew Ron was the right person to spearhead the creation of MDRNST, my first endeavor within the apparel space, as his distinguished and legendary expertise lends to our shared vision for the MDRNST man.”

“I had wanted to start another menswear venture and felt that Mike and his leadership with Gravity Products demonstrated that he was the right person to bring this vision to life,” added Chereskin. “I was up for the challenge of designing a unique, quality product that cuts the market down the middle from a price perspective, while still delivering stunning construction and imaginative design. I’m looking forward to growing the business and expanding into other categories such as other silhouettes of underwear and knitwear.”

MDRNST tailored trunks are available in Ombré; Ombré Stripe; Pixel; Starburst; and Twist Turn patterns and multiple colorways. Sizes range from small to x-large, with a retail of $28 a pair. The collection is available for purchase on the brand’s e-commerce site and select retailers.


  1. Dear Ron
    Wishing you the best of luck with the new underwear collection
    I know you will do very well with it.
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