by Stephen Garner

Rowing Blazers is launching a special International Collection ahead of the Summer Olympics inspired by the founder’s own travels, studies, and time as a member of the United States National Rowing team.

The Rowing Blazers International collection is inspired by the power of travel and the beauty of sport. Standout styles from the collection include ‘90s-inspired nylon running shorts that double as swim trunks, as well as nylon hats in a rainbow of neon colors; tourist-inspired tees (including a dual-color tee inspired by one of founder Jack Carlson’s favorite hotel “Do Not Disturb” signs from his collection); and a less parochial take on the classic flag sweater, featuring the flags of some places that are particularly close to Rowing Blazers’ hearts.

Carlson is a former world-class athlete himself, who has raced all over the world, including representing the United States in rowing at three World Championships, winning a Bronze Medal in 2015. Additionally, Carlson is a voracious traveler; a vexillologist (someone who studies flags); a collector of tourist t-shirts and other memorabilia, including “Do Not Disturb” signs; and a former scholar of cross-cultural studies, earning degrees in Foreign Service from Georgetown and World Archaeology from Oxford.

All of this has informed Rowing Blazers as a brand. So, while Carlson was a U.S. team athlete, and Rowing Blazers is an American brand, Rowing Blazers has always taken a more global perspective — and always wondered why the famous flag sweater couldn’t, or has never been, created featuring other world flags. Until now.

The Rowing Blazers International Collection, which retails between $48 and $248, is now available exclusively at