by Stephen Garner

Rue la laOnline off-price retailer Rue La La has appointed Mark McWeeny as chief executive officer, effective immediately. In a planned succession, Mark McWeeny replaces Steve Davis.

McWeeny, one of the original co-founders of Rue La La, has served in a variety of roles including the organization’s chief financial officer, chief marketing officer and president of new ventures. McWeeny will be responsible for creating, implementing and driving the brand’s strategy, development, vision, and day-to-day operations with a focus on maintaining and furthering the success and profitable business seen in 2015.

“I’m thrilled to continue the success of the last several years,” said McWeeny. “After a profitable 2015, we will focus on driving innovation, capitalizing on our mobile leadership, cultivating additional strong brand relationships and creating deeper consumer engagement into the future.”

Additionally, two current executive team members Mark Weinberg and Lisa Rhodes will move into new, expanded roles. Weinberg (formerly the EVP of Corporate Development) will move into the role of chief financial officer and chief operating officer. In addition to her current responsibilities as president, Rhodes will now be part of the Board of Directors.

“I’m grateful to Steve for being an incredible partner for sixteen years and for positioning Rue for success as we embark on our future,” said Michael Rubin, chairman of Rue La La. “These moves are a natural next step in the evolution of the brand. I have worked with Mark since 2009 and I couldn’t be more excited for him to drive the company forward as CEO in our next chapter. Mark’s experience and passion for the business make him the perfect successor.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing Mark and his capable team leading the charge,” added Davis. “I’ve been working alongside Mark for the last five years building the most engaging online retail experience. I’m excited to leave the company in the hands of someone who has been here from the beginning and knows the vision and the tremendous opportunity we have.”


  1. Your company is a JOKE! I made my first purchase from Rue La La and I couldn’t be less impressed!! In fact I think your CEO and Lisa (ext. 74587) should loose their jobs…like yesterday. Lisa for her horrible excuse of customer service which was actually a total lack of customer service and Mr. McWeeny for allowing someone of her caliber of incompetence to work for Rue La La. Her incompetence and lack of concern are a direct reflection of both Mr. McWeeny and Rue La La. Mr. McWeeny is only as good as his worst employee and cleary Lisa is his worst employee! So my response to Rue La La and what I experienced on my first order with them I say this:

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Mark McWeeny and your employees for being the SCROOGE of 2016.  Yes thank you for being incompetent .  Thank you for being irresponsible with orders…especially at Christmas time when, just a guess, 98% of orders are going to be a Christmas gift to be given by the person who regrettably ordered from Rue La La…a company you are the CEO of. 

    Just a guess but maybe at RuLaLa CEO stands for “Chief Elegance Officer”…one who takes the week off before Christmas, collect Christmas bonus and screw the dear people who I should be making a priority but…hell screw ’em!!  Who cares if they get the items ordered from us…especially at Christmas.  Why should you or anyone employed by Rue La La care.  Let’s get out of here as early as we can, take as much time to help a customer as we want and never deliver their order…fa la la la la…la la la la!!!!!

    I only hope KARMA bites you and your employee’s in the ASS all of 2017!!!  (‘Cuz YOU definitely deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ha ha ha ha ha…ha ha ha ha!!!!

    NOW I want to know why YOUR employee Lisa (ext. # 74587) did NOTHING to get my package which was for our 4 year old grand daughter delivered as she stated she would.  I have left Lisa 4 phone messages and have not received one call back…RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!  Fire her a** and do your company a favor!  She promised me on the 23rd she would find the package and make sure it was sent to my granddaughters address…LIAR!!  Not a single word from her! 

    NOW I want to know why YOU allow her to be a LIAR!  Why YOU allow her to NOT return phone calls.  I want to know why she is allowed to NOT follow through on her word.  I want to know why she still works at Rue La La!  I want to know why YOU allow your so called customer service “concierge” (which is laughable on its own) to make promises they have no intention of keeping!! That is not the behavior of a “concierge”.  I also want to know when YOU…yes sir…YOU MR. CHEIF ELEGENCE OFFICER who probably isn’t even back to work after the Christmas holiday plan to have our grand daughters present delivered to her home and the balance of the order sent to my home.

    I also want an EXPLANATION not excuses as to how an order that is promised by the 21st of December, arrives at the local post office, sits there for days is then returned to Rue La La on December 17th and no one at Rue La La has a clue as to where the order is.  No one at Rue La La has contacted me about the return.  Complete and utter ignorance and incompetency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Nothing less!

    I also want a full and complete explanation as to why Rue La La shipped my package via FedEx and they in turn ship it through the United States Postal Service.  What the hell is up with that?  Again…complete and utter ignorance and incompetency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU Mr. McWeeny should be ashamed of yourself for being so incompetent!  It is my sincerest hope that you loose your job as CEO so that you may reap what you have sown. 

    I want a phone call immediately (208) 880.5555 to confirm receipt of my email.  I am fully aware that you will never see this email and your admin will return your call for you.  Mr. CEO!!

    Sue Hayes

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