by Stephen Garner
Ciara, Christine Day, and Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara have partnered with retail veteran Christine Day to launch The House of LR&C, a new concept in retail with a focus on doing good. The new branded fashion house was created on the basis of ‘democratizing fashion,’ by breaking down barriers in what has traditionally been an exclusive industry.

This launch includes the introduction of Human Nation, an accessible, sustainable, and inclusive streetwear brand created for a new generation and an example of what to further expect from The House of LR&C.

Human Nation will be available soon at Kohl’s through the retailer’s Curated by Kohl’s platform. Wilson’s other brand, Good Man Brand, will move under the umbrella of The House of LR&C and will continue to be sold at Nordstrom and other retailers.

In 2016 Wilson launched Good Man Brand, a men’s apparel brand built on the idea that when you look good and feel good you can do good. The House of LR&C builds on its Good Man Brand foundation, infusing the entrepreneurs’ core values of love, respect, and care, to offer a more inclusive experience, and additional house brands for all shapes, sizes, genders, and style preferences. For every purchase made within The House of LR&C’s brands, the company will make a 3 percent donation to the Why Not You Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to education, children’s health, and fighting poverty, empowering today’s youth to lead with a “why not you” attitude.

“This past year has been transformative, with a lot of pain, and a lot of perseverance. As African American business leaders we understand the importance of unity and are leaning into our belief that a better world is possible,” said Wilson and Ciara, co-founders of The House of LR&C, in a joint statement. “We are passionate about working with the next generation of leaders, fighters, and overcomers, to help us create a purpose-led house that delivers large scale positive impact while also inspiring the good in others.”

With decades of experience scaling global retail brands such as Lululemon and Starbucks, Day assembled a team of experts in sustainability, product, and marketing to develop this new concept in retail. The team worked with Wilson and Ciara to bring this vision to life: a business that combines the best of iconic, celebrity, and sustainable retail to create something meaningful, what the world needs now. They did this by making retail accessible, fostering inclusion through connectivity with communities, actively listening, and co-creating brands. The result is a branded house built with their community, for all people, that generates large scale positive impact from factory to consumer.

The House of LR&C’s approach to sustainability covers every stage of the product development cycle from creation through consumer use and includes eco-friendly materials, certified factories, and 100 percent recycled or recyclable packaging. As a registered Public Benefits Corp (PBC) and B-corp pending company, The House of LR&C is committed to delivering on the tangible social and environmental sustainability goals developed by the United Nations.

“The world needs brands that are an extension of us all, ones that mirror our values and strengthen our planet, our people, and our communities,” added Day, co-founder and president of The House of LR&C. “The House of LR&C will evolve the business of fashion by blending new social standards and elements of style with different views on the world around us, setting the narrative for the future of retail.”